Copyright © 2019 is doing everything to stop brides’ scams, but this is almost impossible without a close contact with the clients of the resource. Support team may not even know about your troubles if you don’t mention them. 

As you may be aware, there are scammers’ lists, checks before the registration, site’s monitoring and way more; though it is not enough for the total elimination of frauds. So, the only thing, which is needed for your personal safety is to notify brides’ agency about any suspicious act or messages you received. This is important for you, but in such a way, you are also saving other users. 

Let’s take for instance, if you see scammer photos in any profile or a woman refused to upload her new pictures. It may be strange and you’d better contact the site’s team. Or in case a woman is asking for some sort of financial help. Isn’t that strange?

After reading the above info, you may think that brides scams are frequent cases, but it isn’t. Such situations are rare on If sometimes they occur, site’s experts quickly and professionally solve this problem.

To conclude such not a pleasurable topic, let’s mention one thing. Everyone may become a victim of a scammer, but it isn’t a frequent thing. Just try to understand the person you are chatting with, if he/she is too ideal, and tries to please you in any possible way and then asks something in return. Then probably it is a fraud.

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